Decorating interiors with works of art requires considerable financial investment. However, today the cost of decorating living spaces can be reduced by the development of technology and the appearance of new methods of printing on canvas with imitation paintings.

Such works of art cost many times less than original paintings by recognized masters. In addition, with the help of printing on canvas, one can modernize the original versions, inserting new elements into them.

For example, today, many people order a print of a painting by a particular artist with their face placed on it. Such a photo portrait looks very original, and the business idea itself is certainly quite promising, although, for its competent creation, you will need to know how to organize this type of business and how to develop it.

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Preparing to set up a business

Here are some things you should consider before starting the business.

Registering a business

In order to carry out the activity of producing photo paintings through printing on canvas, and their subsequent resale, it is necessary to go through the mandatory registration procedure and choose the form of taxation. At least this is what you will need to do if you are a resident of many European countries.

Creating a premise

The business project based on the creation and sale of paintings on canvas is not very demanding to the premises, so the production of photo pictures by printing on canvas is also possible at home. In this case, you will accept orders for paintings through the Internet, and delivery is carried out by means of a transport company or personally by your own car. But you can also rent a spacious and bright room of 25 to 50 square meters – that will be quite enough.

Printing on canvas

Stocking up on equipment and consumables

To carry out activities for the production of photographic artwork, you will need the following equipment and supplies:

  1. A computer with installed software for digitizing and processing photographs and images.
  2. A color photo printer and ink for it.
  3. Varnish for processing and gel designed to visually simulate the execution of work in oil paints.
  4. Canvases.
  5. Various office supplies.
  6. Packaging for the finished product.

How much can I make from this business?

We understand that this is a really important and extremely tempting question, but answering it will be very difficult. The fact is that much depends on the city in which the production is set up. Revenue also depends on the quality of the final product, the creativity, and professionalism of the staff, from advertising.

An increase in earnings can be achieved by the introduction of additional services. It so happens that from the low-quality source material, the customer wants to get something of very high quality. You can help this customer.

For example, if he gives you a picture to print in an extremely low resolution, then you just find the same on the Internet, but in a higher, and print it for him on canvas. The customer will be extremely pleased with the work you’ve done and will be happy to pay you.