People who are planning to move to IT want to know which area will be most in demand in the current and next year. This question is quite logical because if a person will create efforts, he will need to know where he will direct them. For example, in 2021 one of the most promising areas was the creation of mobile programs. Regardless of the fact that you can start free download applications for Android in any amount, you should not doubt that soon the number of mobile programs will become much larger.

Even old apps need regular updates and fresh versions. So, the ApneTV app gets updates every three months. It turns out that the work in its moderation never stops. This is why mobile application development is still one of the most sought after specialties in the field of IT. However, there are some other examples that will become more popular in 2022. In this article, we’ll tell you about some of them.

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Which segment of IT is worth your efforts

  1. The development of neural networks such as AI or artificial intelligence. Field of AI has reached its peak today. Its development will continue for a long time to come. Moreover, the emergence of new technologies opens up broad horizons for those users who will be in this segment today. And this is amazing. Neural network developers need to have knowledge of mathematical modelling and education from the field of computer technology. AI specialists will have to deal with the creation of a complex structure of neural networks from the component parts.
  2. Although the world did not know how to deal with cryptocurrencies for a long time, it welcomed such technology as a blockchain, which served as a kind of foundation for them. Those people who learn this can stop worrying about finding good jobs with high wages in the next hundred years or more. Blockchain enhances the security of information through a decentralised approach to storage. The modern world is already ready to accept the concept of a new Internet (such as Web 3.0), and this will provoke a powerful stream of professional tasks, which will have force for a long time.

  3. Specialists in 5G. Standards of 5G networks are actively implemented in modern technologies today. Experts predict that the 5G towers will cover approximately 4/10 of the entire planet in the coming years. So, more than a quarter of mobile traffic will pass through them. This will create many opportunities to integrate different software products, and therefore the world will need more professionals to provide the appropriate service. To easily find a job in this field, you need to be trained in computer technology and telecommunications. In addition, you must work and master the skill of developing and designing mobile networks.
  4. Low-code/No-code. Smart coding techniques have become available for small businesses. There is a huge hypothesis that No-code/low-code will allow many corporations to dispense with programmers, as their application does not force firms and their staff in this field to have special technical skills to create software. There is one general advantage for those programmers who will work in No-code/low-code, which is that these people understand and know the basic concepts of business and sales, so that they can establish themselves in this field and begin to earn well.
  5. White hats. Thanks to AI, the work of white hats has undergone many professional changes since now, they can easily analyse a large data stream. This is why it will be easy to work in this segment and make a large profit. The value of the work of white hats is very high today as almost the entire business has moved to online standards, and many companies do not spare money to get protection from all kinds of threats. To work in this field, you should learn the skills in the field of computer technology and information security.