The gaming industry is booming – in 2022 alone, its turnover was about $300 billion. This market will continue to grow and expand, as evidenced by statistics: about 75% of people between the years of 3 and 21 have at least one game console in their possession. People play all kinds of games, but they all want to have fun with them. But is it all about fun?

You may be surprised, but games can also be used to make money, sometimes quite a lot. It sounds too good, but it is – the gaming industry offers many ways to make money. But how do you do it?

This article will analyze the most basic, popular, and profitable ways to make money from games. If you take it seriously and thoroughly, we recommend you visit this role-playing games site. There, you will find a lot of manuals on various games that will help you succeed in making money. So, let’s get started!

Creating a gaming blog

Creating a blog can be a very effective way to attract an audience. But the size of your income will depend entirely on your attendance. So, you will need to pay attention to creating demanded and high-quality content that will attract sponsors in the form of gaming companies.

If your reviews are excellent and exciting, you will attract many visitors who will be happy to donate to you. There are different ways to make money on your gaming blog, and you can also get money from advertising.

Participating in eSports tournaments

Cybersports tournaments are a great way to make money from games. However, remember that it is a full-fledged sport, and it will take a lot of time and effort to excel in it. Pay attention to niche titles – there is usually more demand and less competition. Prizes for professional tournaments start at 20-30 thousand dollars. Large tournaments on well-known games can bring you millions – even though you must share them with your teammates.

Participation in tournaments opens the way to cooperation with sponsors. The more successful you are, the more sponsors will want you to represent them in games worldwide.


Maintaining a channel on YouTube or any other platform

Use the popularity of YouTube to start creating engaging content for other players. Starting a gaming channel is easy and relatively inexpensive. But remember that you will need a treasure trove of good ideas and adequate equipment (a productive computer, a good microphone, etc.).

As your channel grows, the quality of your content should also increase because that’s the only way to attract new subscribers regularly. And the more of them, the more you will get from advertising. As for the subject matter, you can do almost anything. It can be, for example, video reviews, various lets plays, or tips on competitive or multiplayer games.

Game testing

A tester of video games can get paid just for playing them and giving the developers detailed reports on what works, what doesn’t, and what should be improved. By the way, testers can be completely different. You don’t need a technical background and knowledge of how to write code to be one – you can be a tester who plays the game instead of checking for code problems, etc.

Game developing

If you know about working with 2D and 3D graphics and animation, or you understand the inner workings of games, you might want to consider building a career as a developer. You can work either solo or as part of a team. Of course, you will need some knowledge to succeed in this path. But you can start with relatively simple game engines that will allow you to create a pretty good game without any programming skills.

An excellent machine for this, for example, is RPGmaker. By the way, on the site above (, you can also find guides on the games made on this engine. Check them out to have a broader understanding of some gameplay points.