Petr Aven is a well-known Russian businessman who has enormously contributed to developing the Russian economy and culture. He was born in Moscow in 1955 and achieved tremendous success in various fields of professional activity.


One of the general directions of business that Petr Aven has mastered and established him as a talented and extraordinary in his thinking man is investing in the stock market. He managed to create one of the most successful companies in Russia, such as Alfa Capital. It was founded in 1996 and became one of Russia’s most significant investment funds in several years.

However, his success in the investment field was more expansive than in Alfa Capital. Petr Aven has created several other large and profitable companies, including Alfa-Bank, which has become one of the leaders in the banking market in Russia. So every financial product has become a symbol of professional approach and reliability since it contains the word Alfa in the name. This is what the citizens of Russia and the post-Soviet countries needed then.

Public work and charitable foundation

Petr Aven was also actively involved in government activities because he held high positions in the Russian government. He was the First Deputy Minister of Finance and chaired the State Committee on State Property Management. However, apart from his successful career, Petr Aven is known for his charity work. He established the Aven Foundation, which supports various social and cultural projects.

Petr Aven

One of the most notable projects of this foundation is the Zagorsky Museum of Art. Petr founded this museum in his hometown, and the Zagorsky Museum of Art has one of the world’s largest collections of Russian art. In addition, the charity organization of Petr Aven assists in science and education projects and youth initiatives. It helps young talented professionals and creates the conditions for their growth.

But, the charity activity of Petr Aven is not only in Russia. The historical homeland of Petr Aven is Latvia, and that’s why he started a foundation called Paaudze here. This charitable structure financed projects on developing Latvian science, culture, and children’s health. For example, the foundation rehabilitated the old Lutheran church, the Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Riga, and hospitals in Madona.

We want to note that Latvia paid tribute to the activities of Aven. For example, it awarded him and issued his citizenship, even though Petr Aven did not give up his Russian one. But this businessman could not remain indifferent to his home country after the EU imposed sanctions against Russian officials in 2022.


Therefore, Petr Aven is not only a successful businessman and statesman but also a benefactor who has left a massive imprint in various fields of economics and the culture of Russia. His investment companies and banks were among the most successful in the state, and Petr’s involvement in government activities also helped improve the economic situation in Russia.

However, in addition to business successes, Aven remembers its social responsibilities and actively supports cultural, educational, and science projects. Thanks to his efforts, many talented people were able to realize their potential and contribute to the development of the Russian Federation. Overall, Petr is an excellent example of a serious and responsible businessman who does a lot for the culture and society of Russia to make the world a better place.