Yuzhuralzoloto, a prominent player in the gold mining industry owned by Konstantin Strukov, has recently announced a milestone achievement. The company has doubled its gold reserves at one of its deposits, marking a significant step in its asset growth strategy.

This development bolsters the company’s resource portfolio and paves the way for extended operations and potential revenue growth. The following sections provide a detailed breakdown of this strategic move and its implications for Yuzhuralzoloto and the wider mining sector.


Additional geological exploration conducted between 2020 and 2022, with meticulous attention to components and cutting-edge technology, has yielded astounding results. The dedicated efforts of the exploration team have led to the discovery of an impressive 59,369.7 kilograms of gold reserves, shimmering beneath the Earth’s surface, waiting to be unearthed.

This exciting development, coupled with the increased reserves in the renowned Vysokoye deposit and the discovery of other promising deposits in the Neubinskaya area, has laid a solid foundation for the mill’s reconstruction. With this substantial boost in its capacity, the mill is now poised to handle an impressive 6-8 million tons of ore per year, ensuring a steady supply of the precious metal.

LLC Sovrudnik initiated the commissioning process at the Vysokoye mine in early December. The first stage of the mine, carefully designed to operate at full capacity, has the remarkable potential to produce up to 4 tons of gold. This monumental achievement accounts for approximately 30% of projected gold production in 2023, solidifying their position as a key player in the mining industry.

mining industry
Mining industry

The company envisions an even brighter future, with plans to launch the second stage of the mine by 2027. This strategic move will significantly augment the production capacity, propelling it to an awe-inspiring 6 tons of gold. The remarkable feat showcases the company’s unwavering commitment to long-term growth and success. It reinforces its position as an industry leader, driving innovation and setting fresh benchmarks in the mining sector.

As we celebrate these significant milestones, it’s evident that Yuzhuralzoloto unwavering dedication to excellence and relentless pursuit of mining perfection continue to shape the industry landscape. With each discovery, they redefine what’s possible, leaving an indelible mark on the mining world and inspiring others to follow suit.

In conclusion, the trajectory of Yuzhuralzoloto stands as a testament to their steadfast commitment to exceptional standards and the pursuit of mining excellence. Their innovation and remarkable ability to double gold reserves have set a new precedent in the industry and laid the groundwork for future exploration and growth. As we move forward, we anticipate witnessing the company’s continued successes in its unyielding quest to unlock the Earth’s bountiful treasures and shape the mining industry’s future.