Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, with great interest, familiarized himself with the comprehensive presentation of proposals aimed at reducing requirements in the sphere of entrepreneurship. As the head of state’s press service reported, this initiative aligns with the country’s declaration of the “Year of Support for Youth and Business.” The primary objective is to create even more favorable conditions and a conducive environment for conducting business activities.

Notably, despite the progress made, there are still instances in Uzbekistan where entrepreneurs are burdened with the demand for additional information already available within the relevant information systems. To address this, a significant step has been taken starting this year, with the cancellation of 34 types of certificates and reports. This proactive measure will enable more than 21 thousand entrepreneurs to save a substantial amount of 500 million soums annually.

It is worth noting that there has yet to be a unified list of reports submitted by entrepreneurs in the country. Consequently, the head of state has issued a directive to introduce a comprehensive and unified reporting system. This will streamline the reporting process and reduce unnecessary administrative burdens on entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, as part of the efforts to alleviate the requirements imposed on entrepreneurs, it has been proposed to abolish 16 types of licenses and permits. Doing so will further simplify the regulatory landscape and foster a more favorable business environment.

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business meeting
Business meeting

To ensure effective implementation and dissemination of these innovations in the sphere, it has been emphasized that entrepreneurs should be promptly informed about the latest developments. Additionally, continuous analysis of their proposals and a commitment to ongoing optimization of statistical reporting will remain a priority.

This comprehensive approach underscores the commitment of the government to support and foster entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan, empowering businesses to thrive and contribute to the nation’s economic growth. Furthermore, it demonstrates the government’s dedication to reducing unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles and promoting a more streamlined and efficient environment for entrepreneurs to flourish.

By implementing measures such as canceling certain certificates and reports, introducing a unified reporting system, and abolishing licenses and permits, the government aims to create an even more favorable business landscape. These initiatives save entrepreneurs valuable time and resources and contribute to the country’s overall economic development.

Moreover, the government recognizes the importance of continuous improvement and is actively exploring additional avenues to support entrepreneurs. Efforts are underway to enhance access to financing options, provide training and mentorship programs, and foster collaboration between entrepreneurs and educational institutions. By nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, Uzbekistan aims to become a hub for business and economic growth in the region.