Imagine the situation: you decide to spend a cozy evening at the hookah, but something goes wrong. Instead of a soft, pleasant smoke, you feel a sultry and spicy flavor. The culprit of such a bad experience is most likely bad charcoal.

If the combustible material turns out to be unsuitable, the flavor and aroma of tobacco can be distorted. What kind of coal is hookah?

Types of coconut charcoal briquettes wholesale for hookah:

  1. Coconut coals are the most popular choice among hookah smokers due to their affordability and lack of foreign flavor.
  2. Coals from other natural resources – an alternative to coconut coals are represented by various types of wood.
  3. Self-igniting coals – quick to light but can distort the flavor of tobacco.
  4. Electronic coals – are rarely used because of the high cost and the fact that they don’t always provide the right temperature for smoking.

In addition to classic variants from shisha charcoal supplier,  there is an explosive substance of specific shapes on the market, specifically for kalaud, which can be convenient in some situations. In the article, we will explore, in particular, the differences between the coals for hookah.

Coconut coal

The favorite among the different types of charcoal is coconut coal.

Its benefits:

  • ecological compatibility. It is a natural product produced from coconut shells.
  • prolonged burning. One notable plus is its ability to retain heat for a long time.
  • flavorlessness. For those who appreciate the real flavor of tobacco, the coconut product becomes an excellent choice.

Of course, like all products, coconut combustible has its peculiarities. The main one is the process of igniting it. It requires a bit of patience and the right charcoal kindling equipment.



The wood product holds a special place when choosing the perfect charcoal for your hookah. Produced from certain types of wood without resins, this product is compressed cubes.

The advantages of charcoal are:

  1. Authenticity. It imparts a pure and natural flavor.
  2. Mildness of smoking. Charcoal creates a pleasant smoke, making the smoking experience more comfortable.

What kind of charcoals are available for hookahs

Wood-burning substance for hookah deserves special attention due to its unique properties. Let’s talk about two interesting and popular types of this product.

  1. Lemon charcoal. It has an excellent burning temperature, which ensures even and long-lasting smoldering and has a unique flavor.
  2. Olive seed charcoal. This type of explosive has a quick ignition, making it easy to prepare for smoking. In addition, it is appreciated that there is no odor when burning.
  3. Charcoal from walnut shells. This product is natural. When burning, it does not emit harmful substances and does not violate the flavor characteristics of tobacco.

It should be remembered that wood material is not as easy to use as other types – it will require direct contact with an open fire to ignite.

Fast-burning coals

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the quick-burning substance in hookah bars is its ability to ignite instantly. It makes them suitable for prompt use. To ignite them, only a match or lighter is enough.

However, such a product also has certain disadvantages. Since the quick-burning material is treated with chemical compounds for accelerated combustion, it can add an undesirable flavor to the smoke of the hookah.


The hookah market has begun to transform with the trend towards healthier lifestyles. Electrohookahs have become one of the answers to the need for safety. Based on an electric coil, this device was developed as an alternative to the traditional combustible substance.

The main advantage of electric coals is their convenience: you put them in a tobacco cup and plug them into a socket, and you can enjoy smoking without any hassle.