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Ozark Hillbilly ~ CEO
by Joe McNabb

This beautiful hardbound book, complete with a full-color book jacket, is the autobiography of one of the movers and shakers of an entire generation. We follow McNabb from his birth in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas in 1913 to the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, to his eventual position as president and CEO of one of the world’s largest construction companies. It is an extraordinary journey, told with colorful insight, offering us an uncommon insider perspective on four decades during which American engineers literally changed the face of the earth with such projects as Mangla Dam, the world’s largest earth-filled dam, Trinity Dam, and more! McNabb shows us the routine at a construction site including how a dam is built and how life is lived while the building goes on. An excellent read, complete with photographs.

ISBN# 0-9672491-3-9

Retail cost: $39.95

The Inner Physician
by W. F. Wines, D.C.

This is Dr. Wines’ final and ultimate work. Based on the thesis that we have been promised that life is everlasting, and that we are made in the image and likeness of our Creator, this book will help you understand that we each are Spirit, Mind, and Body, and that this earth-plane on which we live is a temporary environment in which we are constantly learning. The spiritual mind found in every human being is “The Inner Physician”, the part of your mind which will not only identify problems from this and other livings, but it will help fix them.

Retail cost: $35.95

Islands of the Mind
(The Dream Book)

by W. F. Wines, D.C.

Dreaming is a common denominator to all mankind. Everyone dreams. Yet, the average individual has ignored this prime source of intelligence that is given freely . . . and the cosmic wisdom and strength that can be found in dreams. Dr. Wines identifies each dream by color and title. He also discusses the dream state, how to interpret dreams, and out-of-body experiences which seem like dreams. The book was written with the pure intent of raising the consciousness of the individual through the recognition and acceptance of Truth.

Retail cost: $12.00


Foods, Fads and Foolishness
by W. F. Wines, D.C.

The title says it all! Nutrition is the first step to balancing physical and emotional health. One of the first to acknowledge that imbalance in body, mind, and spirit produces disease, in this factual book, Dr. Wines gives the reader a more intelligent and psychological approach to nutrition.


Retail cost: $8.50

God’s Positive Words,
Volumes 1 and 2

by Donna R. Wines, D.C.

Acronyms of wisdom. An amazing collection of contemplative gems.
Great for meditation. Softcover.

Retail cost of each volume: $6.00

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