Innovative Self-Publishing Services

Thank you for choosing WORDSWORTH™. You have, by now, put a lot of effort and time into your project. You envision a final product but may not be sure how to go about getting what you envision. Perhaps you have tried to market your manuscript to big company publishers or to an agent but have received no satisfaction in that course of action.

Many people shy away from getting professional assistance. Maybe you have a small project and want only 100 or 250 copies, for your family and friends or to sell just a few copies to try to cover your cost of self-publishing. You've contacted the usual, advertised vanity presses, and they have quoted you astronomical prices . . . and you feel overwhelmed by it all.

Graphic artists, publishers, and print shops offer varying services ranging from pre-press to camera ready art and/or a finished product. Their services and fees range quite a bit, too! We know, because we have worked in every aspect of publishing and publicity.

Since 1983, authors and writers have been coming to us for innovative publishing, marketing services, and advice. We can provide service that backs you up every step of the way and makes sure that your book or project is professionally produced, finished and marketed. Our goal is to help you create a finished product of which you can be proud.

Our premier writing and graphic services are located in western Sonoma County, which is located 65 miles northwest of San Francisco, California. Interested in a sampling of our diverse clientele?

We can help you self-publish your work! We can walk you through, step-by-step, from concept to finished product, or help you with any of the steps along the way. We have a lot of ideas — and experience — to help you.

Our services include:

* Consultation services and evaluation of your manuscript (if you so desire)

* Typesetting and Formatting

* Writing (we have been frequently hired to ghost-write articles or polish the writing in books . . . fiction, nonfiction, and technical). By the way, we have on our staff a qualified, technical writer who has written and edited technical manuals for, amongst others, Bunker Ramo, Tegal Corporation, and Electroscale Corporation.

* Proofreading

* Editing

* All Aspects of Pre-Press Production including:

* Helping you copyright your work, and, if desired, obtain an ISBN and/or Library of Congress Catalog Card number.

* Helping you advertise, promote, and market your book. We understand publicity. We can also give you ideas about how you can publicize your book for FREE.

So, please contact us. We can provide you with answers to your questions, offer a wide variety of support services, hints about working with typesetters, and more. And, of course, we have references and testimonials from our past clients.

And keep checking back. We will expand this website soon to include much more information. This is just an initial overview to introduce us to you!

But, if you want information soon, please e-mail us at:


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Updated: January 2017