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Jack London and Writing-Related

Jack London’s
Klondike Adventure

ISBN# 0-9672491-0-4

The Wit and Wisdom
of Jack London

ISBN# 0-9672491-1-2
Two critically-acclaimed books on Jack London! Both contain details never before published! For more details, please click here, which will take you to a special page dedicated to these books.

 Oyster Pirates on
San Francisco Bay . . .
A Brief History of
San Francisco Bay,
plus an Overview of Oysters including their Historical
and Cultural Significance


In this book:
· Discover what an oyster pirate is
· Read about the oyster pirates on the Bay, including the
Prince of the Oyster Pirates, Jack London
· Learn about the history of San Francisco Bay
· Find a description of oysters and their significance throughout history
· Examine some amazing facts about oysters and some fun trivia
· Figure out how to shuck an oyster . . . and enjoy some great recipes
· Understand the causes of native oysters
near-extinction and the threats to their restoration
· Peruse some poems and jokes about oysters
· View some great illustrations, many vintage, including the anatomy of an oyster

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ISBN# 978-0-9754351-9-9

Mastering the Art
of Scratchboard


Master Scratchboard Artist Norman Gaddini explains, from start to finish, and in great detail, the Scratchboard techniques he has developed in more than 30 years of painting, bringing Scratchboard into the field of fine art. This instructive manual is written in down-to-earth language and is generously illustrated. A practical and contemporary how-to guide to the medium.

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ISBN# 0-9672491-6-3

Jack London
Coloring and Activity Book
A 40-page book created to help children — and — adults discover more about the life of Jack London. With the increasing emphasis on Literature in school curriculums, this is a must! The first twelve pages are an overview of Jack’s life. The balance of the book is filled with a variety of activities appropriate for children with Grade K-6 skill levels plus interesting facts. Activities range from many opportunities to color, to challenging educational activities such as word search, crossword puzzle, dot-to-dot, word games and more! Illustrated by renowned Sonoma County artist, Norman Gaddini. Created by a credentialed California schoolteacher.

ISBN# 0-9672491-2-0

 Jack London Commemorative
Color Bookmarks



A collector’s set of four full-color bookmarks, each one illustrating and describing an important period in this famous American author’s life. Enjoy learning about Jack as a writer, sailor, rancher & farmer, and his adventures in the Klondike. The illustrations are reproductions of Norman Gaddini’s colored scratchboard art. On the back side of each bookmark is a concise, detailed narrative relating to the aspect of Jack’s life which is pictured on the bookmark. Each bookmark is approximately 2" wide by 10" long. Educational — and — practical!

“Jack London
in the
Valley of the Moon”

Song folio.
Limited Edition.
accurate ballad.
Enjoyable to
listen to, sing,
or play.

Just released . . .

The second edition of


500 Ways
To Say
Said . . .

The answer to
every writer’s — and — teacher’s dreams!
Over 500
action verbs
for use in
conversational writing.
Improves your writing style instantly!

The second edition contains some revisions and additions.

 Jack London’s Credos

Choose between his Service Credo or his famous “Ashes to Dust” Credo.
Available in sand parchment or light blue parchment. Printed on card stock. 8.5" wide x 5.75" tall.

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