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Jack London, Oyster Pirates, and San Francisco Bay . . .

 Oyster Pirates on San Francisco Bay . . .
A Brief History of San Francisco Bay, plus an Overview of Oysters including their Historical and Cultural Significance

San Francisco Bay is acclaimed worldwide as one of the world's most beautiful harbors, an estuary where ocean tides mingle with the cold, fresh water that has traveled downhill from the mountains, rivers, and streams, through the Sacramento and San Joaquin watersheds, eventually flowing through the Carquinez Strait into the Bay. Thousands of species of insects, birds, plants, and mammals—including Homo sapiens—depend on its wetland habitats. Amongst these species is the bivalve mollusk known as the oyster.

In this book:
· Discover what an oyster pirate is
· Read about the oyster pirates on the Bay, including the
Prince of the Oyster Pirates, Jack London
· Learn about the history of San Francisco Bay
· Find a description of oysters and their significance throughout history
· Examine some amazing facts about oysters and some fun trivia
· Figure out how to shuck an oyster . . . and enjoy some great recipes
· Understand the causes of native oysters
near-extinction and the threats to their restoration
· Peruse some poems and jokes about oysters
· View some great illustrations, many vintage, including the anatomy of an oyster

ISBN# 978-0-9754351-9-9

Dr. Earle Labor’s Amazon.com review of this book: HHHHH If you like oysters, youll love this modestly priced gem (may I say pearl?). An attractive potpourri of useful information about the most delectable of mollusks, Margie Wilsons book will both entertain and enlighten. For example, the French poet Leon-Paul Fargue said that eating this toothsome delicacy is like kissing the sea on the lips. Less romantically, Oscar Wilde remarked, The world is my oyster, but I used the wrong fork. And did you know that Native American Indians created the first oyster stew and used the shells as currency? Or that fried oysters were not only one of Mark Twains favorite dishes but also a favorite of President Lincoln, who would frequently host parties where oysters were the only food he would offer his guests? These are only a few of the choice tidbits youll find in Wilsons book, which includes lucidly written chapters on a wide range of oyster-friendly subjects, including recipes, poems, jokes, and tips for selecting and shucking oysters--plus a special bonus for Jack London fans: a carefully researched history of his career as an oyster pirate. In sum, OYSTER PIRATES ON SAN FRANCISCO BAY should be rated a Best Buy as well as a Must Read.

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Revised January 2018